BT Staff Unable To Access Douglas Exchange In Glasgow For Next 8 Weeks [UPDATED 14-06-18]

Updated 14th June 2018

A serious fire took place in a nightclub in Sauchiehall Street in the centre of Glasgow, on Thursday 22 March 2018, causing extensive damage to the building. Due to concerns with the structural integrity of the building and risk of collapse, the authorities have restricted access around the site. This includes access to the BT Douglas Exchange situated in nearby Renfrew Street.

Currently, no Openreach, BT Group or any of its Communications Providers’ engineering personnel are able to access the exchange building itself.

The nightclub building is being demolished, but BT now understand that this will take between 6 to 8 weeks as it is likely to be a very painstaking operation, given the nature of the damage and the location of the building and its proximity to surrounding structures.

BT are continuing to triage all affected jobs and are progressing those that are not dependent on access to the Douglas Exchange.  Those which do require access and therefore cannot be completed are being rescheduled and BT are contacting those customers affected by any delay. BT will continue to monitor jobs on a case by case basis and look to take action for any emergency situations as appropriate.

The damaged building in Sauchiehall Street is currently being demolished and we understand that this is due for completion by early to mid July 2018

Details of the fire can be found here

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