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Reforms To Boost UK’s Mobile Phone Infrastructure

People in areas of the UK with poor mobile coverage will soon get a significant boost to their connections thanks to Government action to speed up the rollout of mobile and broadband services.

Reforms made today to outdated legislation will reduce the costs of housing phone masts and other communications infrastructure on private land. This opens the way for faster and more reliable broadband and mobile services, particularly in rural areas.

Changes to the UK Electronic Communications Code will:

  • bring down the rents telecoms operators pay to landowners to install equipment to be more in line with utilities
  • providers, such as gas and water;
  • make it easier for operators to upgrade and share their equipment with other operators to help increase coverage;
  • make it easier for telecoms operators and landowners to resolve legal disputes.

Matt Hancock, Minister of State for Digital, said:

It’s not good enough that many people are struggling with poor mobile and broadband connections which is why we are improving coverage across the UK.

We want everyone to benefit from the growth of digital services. Removing these outdated restrictions will help promote investment in new technologies such as 5G, and give mobile operators more freedom to improve their networks in hard-to-reach places.

By the end of the year all mobile operators are required to deliver coverage to 90 per cent of the UK and 95 per cent of all homes and businesses will be able to get superfast broadband, but more needs to be done.

These reforms will help to drive investment and stimulate the continued growth, rollout and maintenance of communication technology infrastructure, an increasingly significant area of the UK’s economy.

Hamish MacLeod, Director of Mobile UK said:

The Electronic Communications Code is an important piece of the puzzle alongside further planning reform that will help mobile operators to overcome the challenges they face with expanding their networks, while also developing innovative services for customers.

Good mobile connectivity is no longer an optional extra. It is essential infrastructure as core to modern economic activity as broadband, electricity and other essential services.

Mark Talbot FRICS, Chair of the Royal Institute of Chartered (RICS) Surveyors Telecoms Forum Board, said:

RICS recognises the critical role that a modern, efficient and equitable digital infrastructure has on the future development of the UK economy. RICS has worked closely with our colleagues in DCMS to ensure that the new Code enables investment in our national digital infrastructure whilst balancing the needs of the public and private property owners.

With high speed internet seen by many as the fourth utility service the public and businesses expect access to digital services when they want and as they want, and RICS believes that the reformed Code is a great step forward towards this ultimate goal.

The old Electronic Communications Code was originally enacted in 1984, and became out-of-date as technology evolved, making it difficult for landowners and network operators to reach agreements and resolve disputes when rolling out modern digital infrastructure.

The Government reformed the Code through the Digital Economy Act, which received Royal Assent in April. The supporting regulations laid in Parliament today will bring the new Code into force, which is expected to take effect in December 2017. UK Electronic Communications Code

EE Mobile Outage (10-10-2017)

Last Updated : 10th October 2017 at 15:20

EE (Everything Everywhere) is aware some customers are reporting problems when trying to make calls. They are working to fix this as quickly as possible.  They have said that emergency calls, as well as all data and messaging services, are working as normal.

According to monitoring site Down Detector the problem first started around 8am this morning.

This is effecting a large number of people.  There is a lot of talk on the forums and on Twitter regarding this issue.

Due to the size of EE and the companies that rely on its network, the outage appears to also be affecting Virgin Mobile customers as well.

Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Mobile Is Dead

The Vice President of Operating Systems Joe Belfiore has revealed Microsoft is no longer developing new features or hardware for Windows 10 Mobile.  This was released in a series of Tweets.

Microsoft has never stated its Windows Phone platform was dead, but the writing has been on the wall for some time now.  They made big changes to their smartphone business last year, resulting in thousands of redundancies.

Microsoft has struggled in the mobile market over the past few years. It acquired Nokia’s mobile business in 2013, a move that has since been seen as a failure.

Windows Mobile had a 0.3 percent global market share at the end of 2016, according to Gartner.  The Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently said that he had switched to Android, and used Microsoft apps on that.

If You Have One Of These Apps Installed Remove It Now!

Check Point’s mobile threat research team identified a new variant of an Android malware that sends fraudulent premium SMS messages and charges users’ accounts for fake services without their knowledge. According to Google Play data, the malware infected at least 50 apps and was downloaded between 1 million and 4.2 million times before the affected apps were removed.

The new strain of malware is dubbed “ExpensiveWall,” after one of the apps it uses to infect devices, “Lovely Wallpaper.” ExpensiveWall is a new variant of a malware found earlier this year on Google Play. The entire malware family has now been downloaded between 5.9 million and 21.1 million times.

If you have one of the following apps you need to uninstall it now !

Package Name App Name min max Uploaded to Google Play I Love Fliter 1,000,000 5,000,000 18/09/2016
com.newac.toolbox Tool Box Pro 500,000 1,000,000 19/10/2015
com.newac.wallpaper X WALLPAPER 500,000 1,000,000 27/09/2015
com.yeahmobi.horoscopeinter Horoscope 500,000 1,000,000 16/03/2015
com.gkt.xwallpaper X Wallpaper Pro 500,000 1,000,000 02/06/2015
com.gwqcv.zsfy Beautiful Camera 100,000 500,000 11/05/2017
com.hdsj.hdey Color Camera 100,000 500,000 16/03/2017 Love Photo 100,000 500,000 13/03/2017
com.parrot.tidecmr Tide Camera 100,000 500,000 22/03/2017
com.zerg.charmingcmr Charming Camera 100,000 500,000 22/03/2017
com.constellation.prophecy Horoscope 100,000 500,000 30/06/2016
com.desktoptools.screenunsubscribe DIY Your Screen 100,000 500,000 21/07/2016
com.gkt.ringtonegp Ringtone 100,000 500,000 02/06/2015
com.gpthtwo.horoscope ดวง 12 ราศี Lite 100,000 500,000 03/11/2015
com.guard.defend Safe locker 100,000 500,000 17/06/2016
com.newac.wifibooster Wifi Booster 100,000 500,000 04/11/2015
com.newera.desktop Cool Desktop 100,000 500,000 30/06/2016
com.newera.toolbox useful cube 100,000 500,000 12/06/2016 Tool Box Pro 100,000 500,000 22/01/2016
com.something.someone Useful Desktop 100,000 500,000 17/09/2016
com.yeahmobi.horoscope ดวง 12 ราศี Lite 100,000 500,000 20/28/2014
com.yeahmobi.horoscopegpadap Horoscope2.0 100,000 500,000 23/03/2015
com.cegqz.uoud Yes Star 50,000 100,000 03/05/2017
com.cmr.shiny Shiny Camera 50,000 100,000 03/05/2017
com.johg.udrad Simple Camera 50,000 100,000 07/07/2017
com.scamera.smiling Smiling Camera 50,000 100,000 07/06/2017
com.cmr.universal Universal Camera 50,000 100,000 16/05/2017 Amazing Toolbox 50,000 100,000 23/03/2016
com.genesis.awesome Easy capture 50,000 100,000 24/10/2016
com.newera.memorydoctor Memory Doctor 50,000 100,000 15/06/2016 Tool Box Pro 50,000 100,000 08/12/2015 Reborn Beauty 50,000 100,000 28/07/2016 Joy Photo 50,000 100,000 02/08/2016 Fancy Camera 50,000 100,000 09/08/2016 Amazing Photo 50,000 100,000 13/09/2016 Amazing Camera 50,000 100,000 05/01/2017 Super Wallpaper 50,000 100,000 30/08/2016
com.aolw.maoa DD Player 10,000 50,000 13/03/2017
com.bbapcmr.fascinating Fascinating Camera 10,000 50,000 13/04/2017
com.coral.muse Universal Camera 10,000 50,000 13/07/2017
com.cream.lecoa Cream Camera 10,000 50,000 27/03/2017
com.dmeq.oopes Looking Camera 10,000 50,000 23/05/2017
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com.yiuw.fhly Photo Warp 10,000 50,000 20/01/2017
com.yjmn.vokle Lovely Wallpaper 10,000 50,000 07/07/2017
com.ysyg.wtmca Lattice Camera 10,000 50,000 09/06/2017
fast.bats.chaz Quick Charger 10,000 50,000 08/05/2017
com.upcamera.xgcby Up Camera 10,000 50,000 18/01/2017 Photo Power 10,000 50,000 23/11/2016
com.asdf.fg.hdwallpaper HDwallpaper 10,000 50,000 13/12/2016 Wonderful Games 10,000 50,000 09/04/2016
com.gkt.fileexplorer BI File Manager 10,000 50,000 01/08/2016
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com.kevin.beautyvideo Beautiful Video-Edit your Memory 10,000 50,000 22/09/2016
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com.hygk.hlhy CuteCamera 5,000 10,000 22/02/2017
com.kkcamera.akbcartoon Cartoon Camera-stylish, clean 5,000 10,000 08/03/2017
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com.applocker.coldwar Infinity safe 5,000 10,000 09/09/2016 Magical Horoscope 5,000 10,000 21/02/2017 Toolbox 5,000 10,000 28/04/2016
com.prettygirl.newyear Cute Belle 5,000 10,000 12/01/2017
com.roy.cartoonwallpaper CartoonWallpaper 5,000 10,000 06/09/2016
com.thebell.newcentury Ringtone 5,000 10,000 01/08/2016
com.aypx.ygzp Best Camera 1,000 5,000 16/02/2017 Colorful Locker 1,000 5,000 09/05/2017
com.hlux.wfsha Light Keyboard 1,000 5,000 21/07/2017
com.ytkue.oprw Safe Privacy 1,000 5,000 07/06/2017
com.qwer.enjoy.enjoywallpaper Enjoy Wallpaper 1,000 5,000 03/11/2016 File Manager 1,000 5,000 13/12/2016
com.highfirst.fancylocker Fancy locker 1,000 5,000 05/01/2017 Cute Puzzle 1,000 5,000 05/10/2016 Smile Keyboard 500 707 16/05/2017
com.owexs.iouert Vitality Camera 100 500 04/07/2017 Lock Now 100 500 23/01/2017 Fancy Camera 100 500 20/03/2017
com.hhcamera.useful Useful Camera 100 224 06/03/2017
com.owexs.iouert Vitality Camera 100 224 04/07/2017
com.sec.transfer Sec Transfer 100 136 14/03/2017 Lock Now 100 500 23/01/2017
com.bpmiddle.oneversion Magic Filter 100 224 21/09/2016 Funny Video 100 500 07/10/2016 Amazing Gamebox 100 224 22/05/2016
com.wtns.superlocker Super locker 10 50 25/04/2017
com.musicg.ckiqp Music Player 1 2 06/04/2017
Total   5,904,511 21,101,567

Story via CheckPoint, read the full story here

Ofcom Telecommunications Market Data Update Q1 2017

The following information is provided by Ofcom and it highlights some of the key trends emerging this quarter from the data theycollect on the UK telecommunications sector.

Please note that this update includes restated figures for ‘other’ fixed providers. This is due to Ofcom revising its estimates for those fixed operators that do not submit quarterly data to Ofcom.

Fixed voice services

  • Fixed voice services generated £2.1bn in revenue during Q1 2017, in line with Q1 2016. BT’s share of these revenues (excluding EE) was 43.6%, a 0.3 percentage point (pp) increase compared to Q1 2016 but a 0.5pp decline compared to Q4 2016.
  • There was a total of 33.3 million UK PSTN lines and ISDN channels in Q1 2017. This represented a year-on-year decrease of 1.2% (410k) and a 0.6% (213k) fall compared to the previous quarter.
  • UK landlines generated 14.8 billion minutes of outgoing calls in Q1 2017, a fall of 2.6 billion minutes (14.7%) compared to Q1 2016.

Fixed broadband

  • There were 25.3 million UK fixed broadband connections at the end of Q1 2017, a year-on-year increase of 2.3% (571k), and a 0.4% (100k) increase compared to the previous quarter.
  • BT’s share of these lines (excluding EE) was 32.6%, a decrease of 0.1 pp compared to Q1 2016 (32.7%).
  • There were 7.1 million ‘other (inc. FTTx)’ fixed broadband lines, predominantly comprised of superfast fibre broadband connections, at the end of Q1 2017, a year-on-year increase of 1.4 million (25.5%). These connections represented 28.1% of all UK fixed broadband connections, up from 22.9% in Q1 2016.

Mobile services

  • Mobile telephony services generated £3.8bn in retail revenues in Q1 2017, a £65m (1.7%) decrease from the previous quarter but a £32m (0.8%) increase compared to a year previously.
  • Total outgoing mobile call volumes were 38.5 billion minutes in Q1 2017, a decrease of 0.3 billion minutes (0.8%) since the previous quarter but up 1.6 billion minutes (4.4%) compared to Q1 2016.
  • The total number of outgoing SMS and MMS messages was 20.6 billion in Q1 2017, down 1.6 billion (7.4%) on the previous quarter and a decrease of 3.0 billion messages (12.6%) compared to a year previously.
  • The number of active mobile subscriptions (excluding M2M connections) was 83.8 million at the end of Q1 2017, up 0.4 million (0.5%) from Q1 2016. Over the same period, the number of dedicated mobile broadband subscriptions (again, excluding M2M) remained stable at 5.0 million.

Telecoms data tables Q1 2017 PDF, 245.6 KB

Telecoms data tables Q1 2017 CSV, 18.7 KB

Story via Ofcom

EE Customers Will Get Apple Music For FREE

EE customers are about to get a bonus as the UK mobile network is offering a great deal on an Apple Music subscription.  The offer allows all pay monthly handset and SIM only customers to sign up to Apple’s streaming service for FREE without paying a penny for six months.

Apple Music is available on both iOS and Android devices and EE is even allowing all music to streamed without it using your data allowance.

Plus if you already have an Apple Music account you can also swap over to the free deal for six months.

Speaking about the deal Marc Allera, CEO, EE said:

“We’re delighted to extend our exclusive Apple Music offer to existing customers and allow them to download or stream all their favourite music on us. As the UK’s biggest and fastest 4G network, not only are we connecting friends and family in more places across the UK, but we are also providing them with access to the content they love. Whether it’s the soundtrack to a Sunday morning run or the daily commute to work, EE customers can now access and stream millions of songs, playlists and shows – our treat.”

The free Apple Music offer will officially be available from July 19 with EE customers able to sign up via the EE app or by text.  Customers can cancel their subscription at any time but once the six months is up they will then be charged the full monthly amount.

Visit for more details.

£60 Million Tax Reform To Boost UK’s Digital Revolution

The UK’s digital revolution is set to benefit from a multi-million pound boost, under plans announced by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid.

A new Local Government Finance Bill published today (13 January 2017) will make it easier for companies to connect more homes and businesses across England to gold standard full fibre broadband and help get the UK ready for 5G by cutting the cost of laying the cables.

Currently telecoms networks pay business rates on the fibre infrastructure needed to deliver high quality broadband and mobile connectivity to their customers. The Bill introduced in Parliament will give these companies a tax break for up to 5 years on the new infrastructure they lay for full fibre broadband – a saving of £60 million, which can be reinvested in this work.

This new tax relief will not apply to existing infrastructure, giving companies an added incentive to move further and faster to get people connected to the best possible services as they become available.

The move is part of a £1 billion package of measures by the government, announced at Autumn Statement 2016, to help communities get digitally connected. The package also includes:

  • a £400 million Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund, at least matched by private finance, to invest in new fibre networks over the next 4 years
  • £740million funding to encourage the market development of full fibre networks in both urban and rural areas
  • a coordinated programme of integrated fibre and 5G trials, to keep the UK at the forefront of the digital revolution

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid said:

We need to have the best possible digital technology and broadband connections if we’re to create an economy that works for all.

The Local Government Finance Bill will offer a £60 million boost to deliver ever-faster broadband connections, making UK PLC an ever-stronger competitor on the global stage.

Supporting local economic growth – in communities and online

The government is determined to create an economy that works for everyone, by giving councils and communities the powers they need to boost local economic growth.

The Local Government Finance Bill includes a range of measures to cut business rates for small businesses and local amenities and help local communities to thrive.

They include:

  • bringing rural rate reliefs into line with those in urban areas – currently, eligible small businesses in rural areas benefit from a 50% discount on their business rates. The Bill will double this, bringing it into line with rate reliefs in urban areas
  • rate reliefs on public toilets – councils are currently required to charge themselves business rates on the public toilets they are responsible for, and cannot grant themselves any rate reliefs. This Bill will change that, and allow councils to provide rate relief to all public toilets, making it cheaper for councils to keep them open in their areas.

This is on top of the biggest ever cut in business rates announced at the Budget – worth £6.7 billion over the next 5 years – which means 600,000 small businesses will never have to pay business rates again.

The Bill also lays the groundwork for historic reform to business rates so that, by 2020, local government will keep 100% of the business rates it collects.

From April 2017, this new approach will be piloted in London, Manchester and Liverpool, as well as the devolution deal areas of the West of England, Cornwall and the West Midlands.

This is a change local government has campaigned for, for years – and will put councils firmly at the heart of efforts to drive local economic growth, encouraging them to further support local firms and jobs and, in turn, ensure their communities see the benefits of increased local economic growth.

Our Connected Future – Are We There Yet ?

NIC Chair, Lord Adonis, writes about the commission’s latest report and the UK’s connected future.

One call after another they came. Complaints from all over the UK about mobile phone reception so poor that even basic conversation is impossible.  (Wednesday 14 December) I spent my morning on regional radio besieged by news of digital deserts from across the country.

No surprise. The UK, whose inventors claim the telephone and the world wide web, is now well behind the curve. 4G is currently available in the UK just half the time we need it. We are 54th in the world, behind Romania and Albania, Panama and Peru.

This cannot go on. If our industrial strategy is to mean anything, it must address our connected future. Mobile connectivity is now a necessity and should be treated as such with a high level of service generally available. And the UK must be a world leader, not follower, in 5G – the ultra-fast, ultra-reliable, ultra-high-capacity mobile communications technology which will succeed 4G in the 2020s.

The market has driven great advances since the advent of the mobile phone. In just 30 years, mobile devices have transformed from an extravagant luxury to an essential part of work and life. There are now more mobile devices than people: 93% of adults in the UK have them, and multi-function smartphones – using 4G connectivity – have overtaken laptops as the device of choice.

But 4G service remains patchy and unreliable because infrastructure investment has been too little and too slow. Many trunk roads and railways remain digital deserts; and not just remote areas, but many city centres, are plagued by ‘not-spots’ and intermittent coverage.

Government and Ofcom, the industry regulator, must ensure that good 4G mobile coverage – for talk, text and data – becomes the norm. It is time for a general service obligation based on a measure of the service consumers really receive where they need it. This should be agreed in 2017 and delivered as quickly as possible thereafter. In very remote locations it may not always be possible to achieve, but reliable coverage should extend across cities, towns and villages across Britain and the mass transport networks.

Poor coverage on the rail network is legendary. We all know what it is like to sit on a train wondering when the next precious minute of connectivity will arrive.

Rail passenger journeys have more than doubled in the last two decades to a 1.7 billion a year. Years worth of productive time is lost to British business whilst their employees stare at empty screens. Passengers on the principal lines – including the tube in London – should have reliable 4G wireless connectivity. The same goes for the motorways where poor connectivity is equally stark, impairing the flow of essential travel and traffic information. Network Rail, Highways England and Transport for London should forge and lead partnerships with private investors to achieve general 4G coverage as soon as possible, backed up by a general service obligation set by the government.

These 4G networks should be capable of conversion to 5G when it becomes available. Local authorities also have a critical role in preparing for 5G. They need to work with local business and mobile network providers to enable rapid installation of infrastructure – small masts and cabinets – to support tens of thousands of new transmitter ‘cells’ required to deliver 5G across urban Britain.

Ensuring this general 4G mobile coverage, and preparing for 5G, should be a core part of the government’s new industrial strategy. Today, the government’s interest in digital infrastructure is fragmented across departments and agencies. This is a clear recipe for inaction and lack of focus. A single cabinet minister should have the authority to lead 5G policy and delivery across government, advised by Ofcom.

No-one could have predicted what Amazon would do to publishing with the internet, nor that Uber would revolutionise private hire transport with 4G. The same will be true of the transformative applications which change our lives based on 5G.

But if the services that future mobile networks will enable cannot be known in advance, the network requirements are clear. More data, greater reliability, wider coverage, and the power, fibre and transmitters necessary to make it happen.

South Korea, Japan, Singapore and the US led the world in 4G connectivity. They did so through ambitious and interventionist national industrial strategies, even if Washington’s highly activist Federal Communications Commission rarely used the term. Tom Wheeler, chairman of the FCC, calls 5G a ‘national priority’ and in July published an initial strategy. We are already being left behind.

Andrew Adonis is chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission, whose Connected Future report can be found here

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Government Clamps Down On Nuisance Call Crooks

Government Clamps Down On Nuisance Call Crooks

Company bosses and firms could face fines of up to £1 million under tough new Government plans aimed at tackling nuisance calls.

From Spring 2017, firm directors can each be fined up to £500,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office, if they are found to be in breach of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

Prior to this, only businesses were liable for fines, many of which try to escape paying nuisance call penalties by declaring bankruptcy – only to open up again under a different name. But in a move to tackle this issue, Government is providing the ICO with powers to hold company directors directly responsible.

Minister of State for Digital and Culture Matt Hancock said:

Nuisance callers are a blight on society, causing significant distress to elderly and vulnerable people. We have been clear that we will not stand for this continued harassment, and this latest amendment to the law will strike another blow to those businesses and company bosses responsible.

This tough new stance is just one of a number of measures introduced by Government in its ongoing campaign against nuisance callers and work to better protect the personal data of UK citizens. These have included forcing companies to display their caller ID and working with Trading Standards to provide call blocking devices to vulnerable members of society.

Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said:

The people running nuisance call companies have little regard for the anxiety and upset they cause all in the name of turning a fast profit.

We are inundated with complaints from people who are left shaken and distressed by the intrusion on their daily lives.

We’re quick to fine the companies responsible, but we’ve been speaking to the government about going further than that because we must do all we can to help protect people from these calls.

Making directors responsible will stop them ducking away from fines by putting their company into liquidation. It will stop them leaving by the back door as the regulator comes through the front door.

To date, the ICO has issued fines totalling almost £3.7million to companies behind nuisance marketing. And this year alone, the ICO has fined firms responsible for more than 70 million calls and nearly 8 million spam text messages.

More than 114,000 nuisance calls and texts have been reported to ICO this year.

Alex Neill, Which? Managing Director of Home & Legal services, said:

This is a massive victory for the hundreds of thousands of people who supported our Nuisance Calls campaign. It’s good to see the Government has listened to consumers and will be introducing new rules to hold company directors to account. This legislation will stop rogues dodging fines for bombarding consumers with nuisance calls and side-stepping the rules by closing one business and re-establishing a new one.

Report a nuisance call

Reporting a nuisance call is simple – visit the ICO website – or call their helpline – 0303 123 1113 – and they will take it from there.