Blacklists help in stopping spam and stopping access to malicious websites or infected hosts.

The lists we provide are free of charge for personal and commercial usage.

The lists are created and updated by us, they contain IP addresses and URLs we believe to be malicious, the date of update will be added next to each file.

The IP address and URL block list, contains only the IP or URL no other details.  The list is in TXT file format.

We use these two lists ourselves in live environments, if we find any errors or issues the lists will be updated as soon as possible.

Please DO NOT link directly to the lists, download and then host/import onto your own system.  If we suspect users are linking direct to the lists then we will block the connections.

URL Block List

URL block list [ Download Here ] – Last updated 12-10-2018

IP Address Block List

IP address block list [ Download Here ] – Last updated 12-10-2018

If you are the owner of one of the following domains or IP addresses and you are not involved in malicious activity, please contact us to get unlisted. download blocklist

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