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DAB Radio Reception Issues

So you are trying to locate a specific radio station on DAB but you cant get a DAB signal.

Follow the steps below :

  1. Visit and enter your postcode and house number this will list what DAB stations should be avaliable to you.
  2. If the station is avaliable then try to re tune / scan on your DAB radio to find the station.

Troubleshooting DAB Signal Issues

There is a number of different things that can stop you receiving a DAB station.

  • Try your DAB radio in various locations in your house, you may need to retune when you move it to test it fully.
  • Turn off any WiFi extenders or Powerline Homeplugs you may have, these are known to cause interference that may effect DAB.
  • Rather than doing an “Auto” tune to locate the station, try a “Manual” tune. You may need to locate the manual for your DAB radio in order to do this.
  • If the radio has a ‘pull-out’ aerial, ensure it is fully extended.
  • If the radio has an external aerial, ensure the connections are secure.
  • On rare occasions the weather could cause poor reception.  


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