You may have found this page because your getting hacked from a address or your receiving spam from this address range, you may even have found it due to it hosting malicious content.

Poney Telecom is an internet server company run from France has been at the centre of multiple allegations of organised international criminal activity for a few years with all warnings, court summons and legal demands to be closed ignored.

I personally have have seen portscans that come from a address, I have also seen malware that has been hosted via them also.

Just take a look at the chat on Twitter againt the hashtage #poneytelecom here it is mostly people complaining about hacking attempts.

There is more info here and here

Hosts To Block

Although there maybe many genuine users on this system, I have taken action and blocked all their ranges. (Added 29-08-2017)

This page was last updated 28th November 2017

5 thoughts on “Blocking

  1. species5618

    Many thanks for the info

    has almost endless SIP connection attempts to my PBX from there ranges for months
    have been blocking them bit by bit,
    now blocke the lot


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