CVE-2017-15527 – Symantec Management Console Directory Traversal Exploit

The Symantec Management Console can be susceptible to a directory traversal exploit, which is a type of attack that can occur when there is insufficient security validation / sanitization of user-supplied input file names, such that characters representing “traverse to parent directory” are passed through to the file APIs. The goal of this attack is to use an affected application to gain unauthorized access to the file system.

This issue was validated by the product team engineers. A Symantec Management Console update, version ITMS 8.1 RU4, has been released which addresses the aforementioned issue. Note that the latest Symantec Management Console release and patches are available to customers through normal support channels. At this time, Symantec is not aware of any exploitations or adverse customer impact from this issue.

CVE Number – CVE-2017-15527

Symantec | United States

Duncan Newell

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