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Data Breach At London Bridge Plastic Surgery (LBPS)

Hacking group The Dark Overlord has allegedly stolen data during a cyber attack on the London Bridge Plastic Surgery (LBPS).

The LBPS is known to have a number of high profile clients. The group behind the hacking claim to have terabytes of data including patient photographs and lists.

The hack reportedly affects the royal family and UK celebrities.

The hackers have also reportedly threatened to leak the stolen photos to the public, including the “entire patient list with corresponding photos. The world has never seen a medical dump of a plastic surgeon to such degree,” The Dark Overlord hackers told The Daily Beast last week. However, none of the stolen photos appear to have been made public yet.

LBPS has confirmed the intrusion and the data theft in a statement saying that the clinic has been the victim of a cyberattack. “We took measures to block the attack immediately in order to protect patient information and we informed the Metropolitan Police who launched an investigation,” LBPS said. LBPS added in its statement that the clinic is horrified that the group has targeted its patients and their data. It still isn’t sure what data has been stolen but said that IT experts and the police are investigating the attack. Neither LBPS nor the Dark Overlord has revealed if any ransom has been demanded.

This is probably the second known attack on a plastic surgery clinic. Hackers had leaked over 25,000 sensitive images of Lithuanian Grozio Chirurgija clinic’s patients online earlier this year. The clinic’s patients in Denmark, Germany, and the UK were then separately targeted with ransom demands. Officials had put the blame of that attack on the Tsar Team.



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