Product Recall – Argos Simple Value 2kW Upright Fan Heater

Product name: Argos Simple Value 2kW Upright Fan Heater

Brand: Argos

Model number: FHO3

Catalogue number: 730/9687

Model number can be found on a label on the base of the product.

Recall date(s): 06/12/2017

Description: Argos Simple Value 2kW Upright Fan Heater – see images.

Risk: RIsk of electric shock and burns

What to do: If you have an affected product stop using it immediately and return it to your nearest Argos store for a full refund.

Alternatively, Argos will replace it with their Simple Value 2kW convector fan (Catalogue number 725/4220)

For more information please contact the Argos customer services helpline on 0345 600 5388

SimpleValueFanHeater (1)



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