Absolute Radio’s Medium Wave (AM) Coverage Will Be Reduced From 90% To 85%

Ofcom has today approved a variation to Absolute Radio’s national analogue radio licence, following a consultation. The change means that Absolute Radio’s medium wave (AM) coverage across the UK, will be reduced from 90% to 85%.

The service will continue to be available to listeners in the affected areas through other means such as DAB radio, the internet and digital TV.

Through a combination of closing some transmitter sites and reducing the transmitting power at others, Absolute Radio has proposed a reduction in the coverage of its AM network from 90.5% of the UK adult population to 85.4%, which would take effect from May 2018.

Absolute Radio has made these proposals in the context of declining listening to AM radio and increasing transmission costs and noted that, if it is not able to make these changes, it may have to consider shutting down Absolute Radio’s entire AM network and surrendering its national licence.


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