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What Is HitmanPro ? [RESOLVED]

So you may have seen HitmanPro.Alert in the list of running programs on your computer (See image below)

This is part of Sophos antivirus, it is a Sophos product – see the product description reads :-

HitmanPro is a powerful, professional-grade malware cleaner. It goes beyond simply removing viruses, Trojans, worms, bots, and PUAs. It completely eradicates all traces and remnants of the infection. With its advanced behavioral detection technologies, it’ll be as if your computer was never infected in the first place. Plus, HitmanPro can run alongside your current antivirus to catch anything that may have slipped through.

The question as to why it is called Hitman and not Sophos was asked on a Sophos forum back in 2016 and they said :-

We will get around to the branding in the future. Our initial focus is on making the features from HitmanPro available to Sophos Central customers as part of Intercept X

It seems like it may take some time to get around changing the name.

The actual file is called hmpalert.exe and is usually found in a directory called “HitmanPro.Alert” within “Program Files”.


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