Fluke T5-1000 – Product Review

So, here is a short written review (and video review below) of the Fluke T5-1000 tester. I have used Fluke kit before and currently own other Fluke meters, so for me it made sense to buy a Fluke one. I have a old series 70 meter that I purchased in the 90’s this is still working, and has had loads of use and does a great job, so I personally know that Fluke kit is going to last.

Even if you don’t buy a Fluke meter then please don’t buy a cheep unbranded one. They can be dangerous and inaccurate, I’ve seen a few over the years and they are not worth the money. To think some say they are rated at 1000 volts is beyond me when I look at the quality of the test leads.

The simple facts about the T5-1000

  • It can measure up to 1000 volts.
  • It has auto AC/DC selection you just select “V” for voltage test.
  • It can test resistance up to 1000 Ohms.
  • It can measure current up to 100 amps via its OpenJaw.
  • Fluke provides a 2 year warranty.
  • If you forget and leave it on, it auto goes off after 45mins.

I purchased this as part of a kit (see here) because it was on offer on Amazon at the time, so it maybe better value for you. In the kit I got the Fluke T5-1000 tester, and two different sets of probes, case, and a Fluke 1AC Voltage Indicator. Of cause you can just buy the tester on its own.

The best bits for me personally

  • As I mentioned above I purchased my Fluke T5-1000 as part of a kit, so there is the added benefit of getting everything a bit cheaper and a few good quality extras as well such as the voltage indicator, the case, and probes.
  • I like the fact that you don’t have to think about the AC/DC setting when testing as this is automatic. You just set it to “V” and it will tell you if the voltage is AC or DC. I do a lot of work on electronics and testing power supply’s etc, often with worn labels and your not sure if its 9V AC or DC, this tells you quick and easy.
  • The two different sets of probes are very useful and are quick and easy to change over depending on the type of work your doing.
  • It’s a Fluke so I am sure it will last a long time.
  • It comes with battery’s included.
  • All the functions are very easy to use and understand.
  • I had it from Amazon so quick and easy delivery. Plus if there was anything wrong then its no hassle to return the item.

Please note that this in an independent review of this product. I have purchased this product myself for my own use.


Duncan is a technology professional with over 20 years experience of working in various IT roles. He has a interest in cyber security, and has a wide range of other skills in radio, electronics and telecommunications.

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