BBC Stations to be removed from TuneIn

From August 30th 2019, BBC streams domestically in the United Kingdom will no longer be available on TuneIn with the exception of select third-party devices and platforms. BBC podcasts will not be affected by this change, so you will still be able to listen to BBC podcasts on TuneIn.

The BBC has been on TuneIn for 15 years and this will be a big loss for many TuneIn users.

This change is driven primarily by the BBC’s efforts to standardize how listeners in the UK access BBC stations, which is something TuneIn are unable to accommodate at this time.

Kieran Clifton, Director, BBC Distribution & Business Development told RadioToday: “Our live radio streams are only coming off TuneIn on platforms where an alternative way of listening is easily available.

“We want our programmes, products and services to be the best they can be. And a major way we ensure that is by using meaningful data. Data is more and more important – as it helps us to make more types of programmes we know people like, and equally importantly, identify gaps in our commissioning to ensure we’re making something for all audiences.

“We also use the data collected about what you watch, listen to or read online to offer personalised programme recommendations – and make our services even more tailored to you.

“When we make our programmes available via third parties, we ask that those platforms either allow you to sign into your BBC account – or provide us with meaningful data directly. Unfortunately, TuneIn doesn’t do either of these, so we couldn’t reach a data sharing agreement with them.”

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