Log Files – Skype for Business Desktop Client

If you are investigating an issue that involves a Skype for Business desktop client as the remote endpoint in a chat conversation or AV call, then you should check the logs from the desktop client.

Logs available for the Skype for Business desktop client

There are two types of logs available from the desktop client:

  • .UccApilog files contain general client usage information
  • .etl files contain media-specific log information

For any bugs related to Audio/Video, please check both log types if possible. For bugs not related to Audio/Video, the .UccApilog files should be sufficient.

Collecting logs from a Skype for Business desktop client

On a Windows machine, the logs for a Skype for business desktop client will be located in the following directory:


The .UccApilog files will have names that look like this:

Lync-UccApi-[[n]].UccApilog where [[n]] should be replaced by a number 0-2.

The .etl media log files will have names that look like this:


On a Mac, the logs are in a similar directory within the root directory where the desktop client is installed.

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