UK’s first heat pump tariff

Renewable energy supplier Good Energy has recently announced the launch of UK’s first heat pump tariff in Autumn. Similar to solar energy tariffs, it will incentivise the use of green energy for homes in order to demount the use of dirty gas heating. The Chancellor announced this to be included within the £2bn Green Home Grant Scheme, which will allow homeowners to claim up £10,000 to enhance their homes with eco-friendly upgrades.

Why Would I use a Heat Pump?

A few common questions that are on the mind of each person that has been thinking about whether to install a heat pump is: “Does it make financial sense to do so?”

“What are the advantages of getting a heat pump?”. These are all very good questions that we’ll explore in this guide.

If you’re not sure what heat pumps are or how they work –  they use a compressor and a refrigerant (the substance found in your fridge) to absorb heat from the environment and transport it around your home. 


Heat pumps move hot or cold air from one place to another instead of generating it, meaning it’s much more efficient in its use of energy. Heat pumps distribute 10-15 times more energy than they actually need to function! Premium heat pumps can heat homes at 600% efficiency while Gas systems have an efficiency rating of 50% to 59%.

Long term savings

It used to be that getting a heat pump didn’t make much financial sense. This was mainly due to the installation cost at the beginning of the process. However, with Good Energy’s newly introduced scheme, homeowners can now invest in heat pumps and safely reap the long-term savings that heat pumps are known for. 

On top of this, a typical heat pump lasts as much as 15 years. This is obviously taking into consideration that the proper maintenance and care is given to the heat pump. Even so, this is much longer than one would expect other similar devices to last.

It’s Safer

Because heat pumps amplify and circulate existing energy throughout your home you don’t run the risk of filling your home with dangerous fumes or house fires. This is a real risk associated with newly renovated homes with gas heaters or old gas systems. 

One less extra system

When you have a heat pump installed, this can replace both your electric furnace and your standard air conditioning unit. This means that you will get the same effect without having to install extra devices – which also means less maintenance and recurring fees in order to ensure that these devices run as they should.

It’s Green Energy

Lastly, because heat pumps are so efficient in their energy consumption, they pump less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Consequently, going this route will reduce the UK’s impact on the environment. 

Reputable Electrician or Plumber

Although there’s many reasons to consider a heat pump for your home, it’s also wise to thoroughly communicate your options with a professional electrician or plumber. Similar to most residential energy systems, the viability of your installation relies on the location and unique specifications of your home – as well as the competency of your chosen installer.

To find a professional electrician or plumber that offers secure heat pump installations, first simply search your web browser. click on the first few websites and make sure the one you choose has sound Google reviews; an organised looking website with professional text; show their electrical license within the footer; and an active social media following. See Power 4 All as a great example. We understand this is an Australian website, but this sort of credibility is what you want to find illustrated by your chosen UK based electrical service website.

Once your analysis is complete, call them up and they’ll guide you through the process.


With the new scheme in place, now is the time to consider upgrading your current gas electricity system. It’s now financially viable to do so. However, it’s also important to note that all systems are different and the system that suits your preferences may not be viable. It’s wise to seek out a professional electrician or plumber to discuss your options. 


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