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Spam from domain [RESOLVED]

We are getting reports of an increased number of spam messages that appear to come from the domain name.

The spam from the domain seems to cover a wide range of topics from how to improve your hearing to home security devices.

We recommend that you ignore any such e-mails and do not click any of the links.

We checked some of the links and they appear to be affiliate sites that promote products for sale. In such cases the spammer is earning money for each item sold, and possibly also earns if you visit the site. You have to be careful as sometimes such sites can contain malware or other malicious files. We do our testing in a secure sandbox environment.

An example of a spam message from this domain is shown below. We also have listed some topics/subjects that this spam campaign covers.

Example spam from domain name

Shown below we can see some example spam messages from the domain name.

Example spam messages from domain name

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