What is the ccmcache folder used for and how to clear it [RESOLVED]

You have found this page for one of two reasons, both of which are resolved in the same way.

  1. You need to remove the CCM Cache on a server or PC.
  2. You have noticed there is large files in the c:\windows\ccmcache folder and you want to know if its safe to delete them.

The CCM Cache folder is used by machines that are connected to SCCM for software deployment. So the machines will receive updates from SCCM.

The client cache is a temporary download location for software, applications and software updates that are deployed to a client.

It is safe to clear this. To clear the CCM Cache you need to open “Configuration Manager” and then delete the cache, there is usually a cache tab and you can do it from there.

Procedure to clearing the ConfigMgr (SCCM) client local cache (CCM cache) -Resolving Disk space isssue – TechNet Articles – United States (English) – TechNet Wiki

By default, the cache size is 5120 MB, but this can be changed by using the SMSCACHESIZE parameter at install time.

Example of a large file in the CCMcache folder

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