Dell NetWorker Security Update for Multiple Vulnerabilities

Dell NetWorker remediation is available for multiple security vulnerabilities that may be exploited by malicious users to compromise the affected system.

Proprietary Code CVEsDescription
CVE-2021-21600Dell NetWorker 19.4 or earlier contains an uncontrolled resource consumption flaw in its API service. An authorized API user may potentially exploit this vulnerability using the web and desktop user interfaces, leading to denial of service in the manageability path.
Third-Party ComponentCVEsMore Information
OpenSSLCVE-2020-1971See NVD ( for individual scores for each CVE.
Apache TomcatCVE-2020-1935
CVEs Addressed  ProductAffected VersionsUpdated Versions
CVE-2021-21600Dell NetWorkerDell NetWorker versions 18.x, 19.1.x, 19.2.x 19.3.x, and 19.4.x.
Dell NetWorker 19.5.0 and later.

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