Growing A B2B Business Without In-Person Networking Events: Top Tips for Leaders

Networking is vital for B2B companies with ambitions to grow and expand. It enables them to make essential connections by meeting with fellow experts and industry leaders, whether at conferences or fabulous business social events.

However, during the pandemic, B2B companies had to adapt since lockdown restrictions meant people couldn’t meet up in person to discuss business at networking events. Many b2b businesses started focussing on virtual networking to attract customers and grow during the pandemic. We have written this piece to help business leaders learn more about how to grow a B2B business without attending business networking events in person.

Virtual Networking Conferences Over In-Person Networking Conferences

Unable to attend a B2B business networking event in person? You can attend or host virtual networking conferences to recreate the experience virtually. Virtual conferences enable B2B leaders to form crucial business connections, interact fluidly with other business leaders, and exchange ideas, despite not being able to meet up in person for whatever reason. Virtual networking events usually occur on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams. Attending virtual conferences as a B2B business leader will mean you won’t miss out on conversing with important leads and potentially generating many new clients to help grow your business.

Host a Virtual Conference Yourself

You may decide to host a virtual conference, and this will require planning to ensure the event is fun and efficient. You want all B2B businesses to be able to benefit from the event.  Decide who you want to invite to the virtual conference. Which businesses involved in B2B sales are in the same or a similar industry that you could talk productively with about business matters? Perhaps create several different ‘break out rooms’ to put business leader attendees into smaller groups.

To provide business leaders with a heads-up about when a virtual conference is taking place, send them an email with a calendar invite online stating the date, time, and duration of the online business networking meeting. You may also want to put a specific topic in the title of the online event to give it a theme and a focus, e.g. ‘A Virtual Networking Conference for Car Companies to Meet with Business Leaders in Companies Supplying Auto Parts’.

Hire an Agency for Support

Struggling to grow your B2B business and need to increase your sales? Another top tip could be to seek the services of a reputable lead generation agency to help you out. These agencies are experts in growing B2B businesses and following through with sales leads. To grow and attract more customers and convert website traffic into sales, check out the lead generation company the Munro Agency, committed to helping you grow your B2B business.


In webinars, business leaders can host presentations with videos, slideshows, images, and web pages to talk to industry leaders about their B2B business. Webinars must capture the audience’s attention in order to convert listeners and leads into paying clients.


Another buzzing online hub where B2B businesses can network together is on the platform LinkedIn. Create a LinkedIn company page and post relevant content such as blogs so that sales leads, anyone thinking of applying for jobs at your company, and any visitors to your company page can read to learn more about what your business offers. You can also interact with suppliers, retailers, vendors, transport companies etc., through messages on LinkedIn.


Duncan is a technology professional with over 20 years experience of working in various IT roles. He has a interest in cyber security, and has a wide range of other skills in radio, electronics and telecommunications.

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