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Epson to Unveil New SCARA Robots at Automate 2022

As the automation industry continues to grow, manufacturers are seeking robot solutions that offer the highest levels of performance. To meet the need for high-end automation, Epson will debut their new high-power-density SCARA robots which deliver next-level performance and flexibility. Automate attendees will have the opportunity to experience live product demonstrations of these new SCARA robots, in addition to product introductions and overviews of their 6-Axis robots, integrated Vision Guide and IntelliFlex Parts Feeding Systems, and ColorWorks® label printer.

Epson’s event participation and live booth demos will include:
Automate Presentation: “Why Automate? Manufacturing Consideration in Today’s ‘New Normal'” – Scott Marsic, Epson Robots group product manager, will explore the “how” and “why” of automation and help decision makers evaluate the role of robotics and manufacturing within their business. Topics will include changes to customer pain points, onshoring and near-shoring impacts, market trends, and top insights for automation project success. 
No-Code Industrial Automation Robot Programming – Epson will demonstrate its no-code, easy-to-use Epson RC+® Express visual development software. Featuring a simple, visual-based teaching environment, Epson RC+ Express is ideal for new users to implement industrial robot solutions quickly and easily, including common pick-and-place, palletizing and depalletizing applications.
High-Performance Parts-Feeding Solution – Experience parts feeding made simple with an integrated solution powered by Epson robots, IntelliFlex software and Vision Guide. Featuring dual IntelliFlex 240 parts feeders, this demo will showcase a simple pick and place operation with multiple feeders and multiple components per feeder to illustrate the ultimate in flexibility of the system. The IntelliFlex lineup has four feeder sizes and can handle a variety of parts from 3mm to 150mm with optional anti-roll, anti-stick and medical grade tray configurations.
Integrated Productivity Systems – This booth demo will showcase label handling with the VT6L robot and ColorWorks CW-C6000P on-demand label printer, to print and apply product, warning, and shipping labels from a single printer. Offering label placement flexibility and precision for packaging, Epson’s ColorWorks printers are ideal for part identification, visual management and displaying product pictures on packaging.

Automate will take place Monday, June 6 to Wednesday, June 8 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT and Thursday, June 9 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EDT. Marsic’s “Why Automate? Manufacturing Consideration in Today’s ‘New Normal'” presentation will take place on Wednesday, June 8 from 8 to 8:45 a.m. EDT, and registration is required.

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