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How to increase streaming speeds on your Apple TV

Apple TVs are a popular option for streaming various media. They are especially useful if you already have multiple Apple products.

Apple TV is a set-top box that connects to your television and comes with a Siri remote. It allows you to stream apps to watch your favourite series or films at the touch of a button.

But your Apple TV might struggle with slow speeds and connection problems. These are common problems, but there are a few tricks you can try at home that usually help.

Signs of poor connection

There are a few signs that signal poor connection. These include:

  • Poor video quality
  • Long buffering time
  • Crashing
  • Very slow streaming

These problems can be frustrating when you’re trying to watch a show. But there are some methods to try that might help improve your viewing experience.

Restart your Wi-Fi

It’s best to start with the simplest option first. This involves restarting your Wi-Fi router and your Apple TV. Disconnect your router for one minute. At the same time, restart your Apple TV via the Settings > System function. It will update your Apple TV. You might also want to log out and back into your Apple account.

Once your router has restarted and your TV has updated, reconnect and check the quality. You should use an ethernet cable if you’re still having issues. It would help if you also made sure no other devices were streaming at the same time. This is because too many streaming devices can cause problems with the bandwidth. 

Use a VPN

If the above suggestions don’t work, consider using a VPN for your Apple TV. This allows your device to bypass any internet restrictions. A VPN should help increase speeds and reduce any buffering issues. It also helps protect your security by hiding your IP address and internet activity.

Running updates

Media platforms and apps release regular updates to keep software operating at its maximum. So, if you’re still having trouble with slow speeds, you should update your Apple TV system.

Updates also improve security, following through with them as soon as you get the notification is essential. You can also include automatic updates, so you don’t need to install them manually. It’s a good idea to run updates with an ethernet cable to speed up the process.

It’s unlikely, but you could continue to have problems with slow speeds, buffering, or crashing. In this case, you should get advice from Apple TV support.

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