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New capability agreement with Microsoft

The UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory’s (Dstl) agreement with Microsoft aims to deliver safe and responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI).

This non-contractual agreement will focus on key areas including:

  • innovation
  • skill sharing
  • technical exchange

It will enable greater collaboration between AI experts within Dstl and Microsoft. The agreement also aims to accelerate safe, responsible and ethical adoption of AI and is guided by the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) ethical principles for AI.

Specifically, Microsoft will support Dstl and MOD’s Defence AI Centre’s (DAIC) on their AI learning agenda. Microsoft will also provide early access to relevant software engineering roadmaps with a key focus on sharing emerging AI capabilities. Dstl and the DAIC have agreed to share their AI concept playbook with Microsoft to identify defence projects for Microsoft, Dstl and DAIC to collaborate on.

Professor Steven Meers, Dstl’s lead for AI and Data Science said:

“AI is a strategic priority for defence and working with industry is key to supporting our Armed Forces and ensuring they can access safe and responsible AI systems. This is a fast-moving technology area and, by bringing together the deep technical expertise of Dstl and Microsoft, we are better able to ensure we maintain pace and address a range of challenges to help accelerate adoption of AI within MOD.

“Science and technology is a key source of strategic advantage for the UK and this collaboration will help ensure that our Armed Forces will help us to respond to more threats quickly and effectively helping to keep our Armed Forces safe.”

Kerry Dean

Kerry is a Content Creator at she has spent many years working in IT support, her main interests are computing, networking and AI.

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