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EU asks Apple and Google to clarify app store risk management

On Thursday, the European Commission announced that it has requested clarification from technology giants Apple and Google regarding their risk management practices concerning online app purchasing platforms. This request is in accordance with the Digital Services Act (DSA) regulations.

In a statement, the EU executive stated, “The Commission is seeking additional information from these service providers on their diligent identification of any systemic risks associated with the App Store and Google Play.”

Both companies have been given until January 15th 2024 to respond to the inquiry. They are among a group of over a dozen of the world’s largest tech companies facing unprecedented legal scrutiny under the recently enacted DSA, which imposes new obligations to address issues such as illegal content and online security risks.

The EU’s inquiry also encompasses transparency issues related to recommender systems and online advertisements. The commission mentioned that potential next steps could include the initiation of formal proceedings.

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