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Best Apps Every Student Should Use

The sphere of education is dynamic, demanding, and time-consuming. Most students suffer from being overwhelmed or burned out at some point in their studies. Yet, there is a constant expectation to be productive and efficient at all times. Fortunately, nowadays, students can count on technology to help them achieve high academic performance with little stress. Multiple student applications come to the market every year. Young people are lucky to choose from such a large variety of helpful apps for managing their workload, schedules, and even anxiety. So, let’s see some of the best apps every student should use. Be sure to have these apps on your phone by the end of the reading!


Imagine a world where all your notes are neatly organized and accessible from any device. Well, you’ve just described your life with Evernote. It is a note-taking application that allows you to write down and organize all your work notes as easily as it can be. Evernote has features like tags, notebooks, multimedia integration, and more. This app is great for taking notes during classes, ensuring all important information is at your fingertips at any time. Plus, it allows for teamwork, giving remote access so you and your teammates can collaborate online.

Google Drive

A lot of education has moved online today. Even students who attend classes in person deal with numerous digital documents and files. Keeping track of all this data without external help becomes impossible after the first semester. Plus, imagine all the stress from losing an important document or years’ worth of work due to technology malfunction.

That’s why most students already rely on Google Drive for all the heavy lifting. Google Drive provides plenty of free storage room for students to use throughout their studies. It also serves as a collaboration platform, enabling online editing and commenting, making teamwork easy and accessible.


Procrastination is a common challenge for students, and Forest provides an innovative solution. This app encourages focused work by allowing users to plant virtual trees during study sessions. If you steer away from the app to check social media or other distracting sites, your tree dies. Hence, it encourages you to stay on task by providing digital rewards. Over time, users can see a visual representation of their “forest,” reflecting their productivity. As a bonus, Forest owners promise to plant a tree for every reward you gain in the app by being focused!


Flashcards have always been a powerful and easy tool to prepare for exams. However, there is no need for physical cards now that we have Quizlet. It is a convenient and accessible way to transform traditional learning methods into the digital space.

Quizlet uses classic flashcards to offer several learning methods, like games and quizzes. The variety of card learning enhances your material revision and encourages you to stay on the app longer. Users can create their own cards or use created packs in the app. Due to the app’s popularity, you can find cards on any topic and any difficulty.


Any student who has ever written an essay in school must already know about Grammarly. This is an editing software designed to improve your writing. It can highlight and correct grammar errors, punctuation, coherency, style, and more. Even a free version can give you a comprehensive analysis of your work. A paid version will also correct your clarity and offer a plagiarism check.

The software is super easy to use. You can install it as a browser extension, go to the site, or download it as a desktop app. Every student should use the software for editing and learning from their mistakes. We bet that even professional writers at use Grammarly in their work.


Student life is not just about grades and academia. Calm is here to remind stressed-out students about it. This application strives to normalize the conversation about mental health. It provides different tools to help users manage their anxiety, stress, insomnia, and other concerns.

Students can use Calm to improve their sleep and learn how to meditate and calm themselves with simple breathing exercises. The app provides various content, from short guided meditation videos by field experts to calming music and stories to fall asleep to. It is a perfect platform for students overwhelmed with responsibilities and struggling with school pressure.

Khan Academy

Sometimes, we need a little extra to really nail those exams. In this case, students often turn to Khan Academy for help. This app is the go-to source for discovering learning resources on a wide range of subjects. It is free, accessible, and highly versatile. Khan Academy has video lessons, practice exercises, and personalized learning plans tailored to different levels and needs, from math and science to literature and art.

Its purpose is to inspire everyone to learn more about the world and rediscover their passion for education. It helps break down complex topics, provides solutions, and serves as an invaluable resource for self-learning or academia.


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