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Microsoft makes keyboard change by adding a dedicated AI assistant key

Microsoft has revealed a groundbreaking alteration to its keyboard, marking the first significant change in nearly three decades by introducing a dedicated artificial intelligence (AI) assistant button.

The newly unveiled ‘Copilot key,’ set to summon Microsoft’s Bing-powered AI assistant named Copilot, is slated to be incorporated into various upcoming PCs and laptops from Microsoft and its collaborative partners.

On these devices, the ribbon-like key will replace the right CTRL button in some cases and the menu key in others, typically found near the space bar. Copilot, the AI assistant, is designed to assist users with a diverse array of tasks, ranging from summarizing articles and conducting online searches to making adjustments to device settings or even generating music from scratch.

Microsoft’s announcement of this design shift comes ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), scheduled to commence in Las Vegas next week.

In an announcement video, Yusuf Mehdi, the Executive Vice President and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft, expressed, “Nearly 30 years ago, we introduced the Windows key to the PC keyboard that enabled people all over the world to interact with Windows. We see this as another transformative moment in our journey with Windows where Copilot will be the entry point into the world of AI on the PC.”

Microsoft has made substantial investments in AI development, including acquiring a 49 percent stake in OpenAI, the operator of ChatGPT. The company augmented its influence at the AI startup with a non-voting observer position late last year, following a series of rapid developments in which OpenAI terminated and reinstated its Chief Executive Officer, Sam Altman.

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