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Using tech to make your home smart

We use smart tech for everything. It’s rapidly becoming part of our everyday, with cars kitted out with the latest devices and public transport utilising automated innovations. Even the ingredients in the food we eat has likely been farmed using AI.

You might have smart tech in your home. In fact, many people might not even realise they’ve got smart devices in place as it’s become so widely accepted. However, if you’re focusing on embracing smart tech, there are ways to completely update your property. Read on for some ideas.

What is a smart home?

The rise in popularity of smart homes can be attributed to the increasing integration of technology into our daily lives. Smart homes use technology to make everyday tasks more convenient, efficient and secure. A smart home is equipped with devices and systems that can be controlled remotely, often through a central hub or mobile app.

These remote controls allow us to put the lights on as we’re heading home from work or turning the heating up while we’re still doing the weekly shop.

Why choose to go smart?

There are lots of reasons why you might want to make your home smart. Perhaps you want to make daily life more functional and enjoyable. Or you might want to live more sustainably. By controlling devices remotely, you’re only using the energy you need.

Alternatively, you might see the benefits for older people. In fact, there’s growing tech literacy among older generations. With internet-savvy retirees spending more time at home now that they’re no longer working, there’s an opportunity to make homes more accessible and user-friendly.

Statistics show a significant increase in smartphone usage among people aged 50 to 64, rising from 18% to 83% in 2021, indicating a familiarity with technology that can be used for smart home solutions. For those considering home renovations in retirement, adding smart tech to these upgrades can go a long way to making their homes more accessible for the future.

There are different ways to fund this, too. Those who are retired might want to use an equity release mortgage, while younger people might need to tap into their savings if they want to incorporate tech devices in their property.

How to go smart

Here are some ways to make your home smart:

  • Get a smart hub: Smart hubs connect and control various devices. You might already have one of these. Lots of us have an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple HomePod. These hubs activate different smart devices, allowing users to create automated systems within their homes.
  • Lighting: Smart lighting systems offer the ability to adjust brightness, colour, and even set schedules, enhancing the ambiance and energy efficiency. Installation is often straightforward, with smart bulbs and switches replacing traditional ones, and controls accessible through a mobile app or voice commands.
  • Smart heating and thermostats: Smart heating and thermostat systems allow for precise control over home temperatures. These devices learn user preferences, adjust settings automatically, and can be managed remotely. This maximises comfort and contributes to energy efficiency, potentially reducing costs.
  • Security: Smart security systems provide advanced monitoring and control features. These may include smart cameras, doorbell cameras, and motion sensors, all accessible through a centralised app. Real-time alerts and remote monitoring give homeowners the opportunity to enhance the safety of their property.

Ready to make your home smart? Take a look at the different options that could work seamlessly  in your current setup.  

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