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Configure CloudFlare To Use HTTPS And ReDirect HTTP To HTTPS

The following guide will show you how to setup HTTPS on your website, and redirect the HTTP requests to HTTPS. This guide shows you how to use HTTPS on CloudFlare without installing any certificates on your own website.

You will require a CloudFlare account – The FREE account works fine for this. And your site needs to be configured to run via CloudFlare first.

  • Login to your CloudFlare account at and select “SSL/TLS
  • From the drop down list select “Flexible” or “Full” depending on your requirements
  • Click “Page Rules” then click “Create Page Rule
  • In the top box enter your current URL for example*
  • In the box below select “Forwarding URL” and “301 – Permanent Redirect
  • In the box below that enter your URL with HTTPS in the front and

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