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Facebook and Instagram Announce Initiative to Label Artificially Generated Images for Increased Transparency

Meta Plans to Unveil Technology Detecting External AI-Generated Images on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has disclosed its intention to introduce technology capable of identifying and labeling images produced by third-party artificial intelligence (AI) tools. While Meta already labels AI-generated images from its own systems, this move aims to extend the labeling to images created by external AI sources. The technology, currently under development, is expected to be implemented across Meta’s platforms in the future.

According to a blog post authored by Meta’s senior executive, Sir Nick Clegg, the company hopes that the introduction of this new technology will generate momentum within the industry to address the issue of AI-generated content. Although Meta acknowledges that the technology is not yet fully mature, it seeks to inspire the industry to adopt similar measures.

Sir Nick Clegg, in an interview with Reuters, admitted the technology’s current stage of development but emphasized the company’s desire to instigate momentum and incentives for the broader industry to follow suit.

Despite these advancements, Meta has acknowledged limitations in its tool, specifically in detecting AI-generated audio and video content. In response, the company plans to rely on user cooperation, urging them to voluntarily label their audio and video posts. Additionally, Meta hints at the possibility of imposing penalties for users who fail to comply with this labeling request.

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