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Fujitsu poised to become the preferred bidder for UK digital ID initiative

Despite Fujitsu’s earlier pledge to abstain from involvement in UK public procurement, the Japanese company is now poised to be appointed as a business outsourcing supplier for a UK government-endorsed ID card scheme. Fujitsu is believed to be the favoured bidder for the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS), which is overseen by a non-profit entity endorsed by the Home Office.

The PASS scheme is designed to provide proof of age for individuals seeking to purchase alcohol in the UK, where the legal age limit is 18. Additionally, the ID scheme has stirred controversy as it is utilized in electoral processes, serving as one of the accepted forms of identification for citizens to cast their votes.

The government intends to expand the PASS scheme to include digital ID cards accessible via mobile phones. While various companies may provide the physical cards with holographic features, it’s anticipated that a single entity will develop the software required to authenticate users through a smartphone app or barcode scanner.

Errors within the Horizon IT system led to the wrongful conviction of 736 Post Office branch managers for fraud, devastating the lives of those involved. Many faced bankruptcy, while others grappled with suicidal thoughts, tragically resulting in several suicides. Scores of individuals passed away before any semblance of justice could be served.

Following the broadcast of a television drama addressing this issue, Paul Patterson, director of Fujitsu Services Ltd, acknowledged the company’s “moral obligation” to provide compensation to those who were unjustly prosecuted.

This contract, estimated to be valued at approximately £1 million, presents a significant opportunity for Fujitsu. However, it arises amidst challenges for the tech giant, including managing the repercussions of the Horizon Post Office scandal.

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