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Cyberattack takes down Ukrainian broadcaster affecting 39 TV channels

1+1 Media, one of Ukraine’s leading media conglomerates, recently faced a severe cyber assault aimed at its satellite TV channels. They disclosed in a statement issued on Wednesday that 39 channels, including key networks, were effectively shut down, dealing a heavy blow to the nation’s media landscape.

The attack on 1+1 Media, which unfolded amidst escalating tensions in the region, notably the ruthless aggression in peaceful Chernihiv, was characterized by deliberate efforts to disrupt satellite communications on the Astra 4A 11766 H transponder, as per official reports.

The transponder in question carries the transmissions of 39 TV channels, encompassing those managed by Vlasna and affiliated channels under the 1+1 Media banner like 1+1 Ukraine, 1+1 Marathon, 2+2, TET, PLUSPLUS, Bigudi, KVARTAL TV, and more. As a result, the impacted channels encountered brief disruptions while steps were taken to address the situation.

The official statement from 1+1 Media strongly hinted at the potential involvement of the Russian Federation in the cyber assault. The Ukrainian media entity cited Russia’s purported interference in jamming satellite signals of Ukrainian TV channels on the Astra 4A and Hotbird 13E satellites, managed by European telecommunications firms SES and Eutelsat.

This cyber onslaught against 1+1 Media represents a troubling escalation in Russia’s persistent campaign to destabilize Ukrainian media and propagate misinformation.

This occurrence contributes to a succession of cyber assaults that Ukraine has faced since Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022. Kyiv has persistently accused Moscow of orchestrating these attacks, asserting that Russia is using cyber warfare as a tactic to destabilize the country.

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