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Telecom giant Frontier hit by cyber attack

Frontier Communications, a telecommunications company based in Texas, disclosed a cyberattack to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday.

Operating across more than 25 states and generating $5.75 billion in revenues in 2023, the company stated it detected unauthorized access to its IT systems on April 14. It promptly initiated “containment measures,” which involved the shutdown of certain systems. These shutdowns caused operational disruptions that the company deemed potentially significant.

In its SEC filing, Frontier Communications revealed that its investigation pointed towards a cybercrime group as the likely culprit. This group gained access to various types of information, including personally identifiable information.

“As of the date of this filing, the Company believes it has contained the incident and has restored its core information technology environment and is in the process of restoring normal business operations.”

Although Frontier Communications acknowledged the potential material impact of the shutdowns, the company later stated that it does not believe the incident will significantly affect its financial condition or operational results.

On its website, Frontier says it is experiencing technical issues with its internal support systems and provided a phone number for those in need of assistance. 

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