Windows 11 Set to Activate BitLocker Storage Encryption By Default

Reports suggest that in an upcoming update, a fresh installation of Windows 11 will automatically trigger BitLocker encryption on the hard drive by default, as observed in the Insider Preview build. This move, aimed at bolstering security, underscores the importance of securely storing the recovery key. The forthcoming Windows 11 update (24H2) streamlines the setup process by initiating BitLocker automatically, as per

BitLocker, a native feature introduced with Windows Vista, encrypts entire volumes, rendering data inaccessible without the encryption key. While this default encryption enhances security against unauthorized access in case of theft or loss, concerns arise regarding potential data loss during Windows reinstallation for users who are unaware of this feature.

As per’s report, this alteration applies to all editions of Windows, including “Home,” “Pro,” and higher tiers. Following the update, Device Encryption will be automatically enabled in the device security settings for all computers. However, the actual encryption of drives will not occur immediately. advises caution for those who perform a fresh installation with the 24H2 update. It’s crucial to verify the encryption status beforehand. Users should either deactivate encryption, reverse the encryption process, or securely store the BitLocker key. This warning is essential because Windows not only encrypts the system disk (C:) but also all connected hard drives. Users also have the option to circumvent encryption during installation by adjusting the registry key or creating custom bootable installation media using tools like Rufus or similar software.

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