A look at the Windows Server 2025 Preview Build

The first question many people ask is how do you download Windows Server 2025 ? The answer is easy ! Registered Insiders may navigate directly to the Windows Server Insider Preview download page.   If you have not yet registered as an Insider, see GETTING STARTED WITH SERVER on the Windows Insiders for Business portal.

The highly anticipated feature for Windows Server 2025 is finally here: Windows Server Flighting. Until now, you had to manually download each new build and perform either a clean installation or an in-place upgrade. While you can still do that, Windows Server Flighting allows you to receive newer builds as feature updates, or in-place OS upgrades, directly from Windows Update within Settings. Additionally, the Feedback Hub app is now available for Server Desktop users.

Another new feature is Delegated Managed Service Accounts (dMSA), a new type of account that facilitates the transition from traditional service accounts to machine-based accounts with managed and completely randomized keys, eliminating unique service account passwords. The authentication method for dMSA is tied to the device identity, meaning only designated machine identities mapped in Active Directory can use this account.

However, as with many updates, Windows Server Preview Build 26236 has some known issues. Some users may experience problems with the upgrade process, causing the download to stall at 0%. For this issue, Microsoft recommends performing an upgrade using the ISO media download option to obtain a newer build. Other documented issues include an “access denied” error when using Diskpart -> Clean Image on WinPE.vhdx VMs created with WinPE, among others.

You can download the ISO version of Windows Server LTSC Preview in 18 languages and the VHDX format in English. For Windows Server Datacenter Azure Edition Preview, it is available only in ISO and VHDX formats in English. Keys for Server Standard and Datacenter are available in preview, with symbols on the public symbol server.

The preview will end on September 15, 2024. If you’re an insider, you can download the preview from the Windows Server Insider Preview download page.

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