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How to fix error code 0xc00000e in Windows [RESOLVED]

Error code 0xc00000e usually shows itself as a blue screen, indicating Windows startup problems and prompting for repair. This issue can stem from recently connected external devices, corrupted system files, or missing startup files. Potential solutions include a straightforward Windows repair or, as a last resort, formatting the system. This error can occur on Microsoft Windows 10 or 11.

Below is two common things to try when you get this error :-

Check physical device connections

Unplug all external storage devices, including external hard drives, CDs, and USB drives. This ensures that no external device takes precedence over the system’s local disk during boot.

Turn off your computer and ensure the secure connections of important peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and other devices. It is critical to confirm the stability of these connections before powering on the machine.

Use the Microsoft Windows built-in startup repair tool

To resolve common startup issues in Windows, the startup repair feature in WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment) is extremely valuable. If your computer is facing startup difficulties, follow these steps:

Shut Down Your System Completely: Start by shutting down your system completely. Once the boot process begins, press and hold the power button to force a shutdown. Repeat this action twice.

Trigger Automatic Repair Mode: On the third attempt, let your computer start normally. This sequence will trigger the automatic repair mode.

Run Startup Repair: Once in automatic repair mode, navigate to Troubleshooting > Advanced Options > Startup Repair. Allow the system to perform the necessary repairs.

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