Microsoft to cut hundreds Azure cloud unit jobs

According to sources cited by Business Insider, the upcoming cuts at Microsoft are expected to impact several teams, including Azure for Operators and Mission Engineering. One source estimates that Azure for Operators alone could see as many as 1,500 job losses. The layoffs are not entirely unexpected, as Microsoft frequently conducts workforce reductions around this time, coinciding with the end of its fiscal year.

These teams are part of the Strategic Missions and Technologies (SMT) organization, which was established in 2021. Led by former Azure head Jason Zander, SMT focuses on cutting-edge projects like quantum computing and space initiatives, in addition to its government cloud business. This emphasis on next-generation technologies underscores Microsoft’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving cloud computing industry.

Despite this, the decision to lay off employees comes at a time when Microsoft’s generative AI capabilities are experiencing significant growth, driven by its successful partnership with OpenAI.

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