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Microsoft Windows Kernel privilege escalation [CVE-2023-23420]

Microsoft Windows could allow a local authenticated attacker to gain elevated privileges on the system, caused by a flaw in the Kernel.

By executing a specially-crafted program, an authenticated attacker could exploit this vulnerability to obtain SYSTEM privileges.

Please install latest Windows updates to resolve this.

Affected Products

  • Windows 10 Version 1809,
  • Windows Server 2019,
  • Windows Server 2022,
  • Windows 10 Version 20H2,
  • Windows 11 version 21H2,
  • Windows 10 Version 21H2,
  • Windows 11 version 22H2,
  • Windows 10 Version 22H2,
  • Windows 10 Version 1507,
  • Windows 10 Version 1607,
  • Windows Server 2016,
  • Windows Server 2008,
  • Windows Server 2008 R2,
  • Windows Server 2012,
  • Windows Server 2012 R2


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