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How technological development is improving sustainability

Sustainability is critical for the preservation of the Earth and advancements in technology are one of the main ways the world can become more environmentally friendly. Technology and sustainability go hand in hand and with new inventions constantly evolving sustainable practices to ensure that everyone can do their bit for the planet.

Many industries focus on sustainability in their operations including energy, automotive as well as architecture and construction. Most of these sectors have found better ways of working so that the work they do protects the environment – rather than hinder it as some working practices have done in the past.

To show how far technology has come in supporting sustainability, we’ve put together a list of some of the best examples. Read on to find out more.

Renewable energy sources

The UK uses a large amount of electricity with the average household consuming around 4800kWh every year, which may have been a major problem in the past. However, advancements in technology have meant that we can now produce more sustainable energy to power homes and businesses in the UK. This comes in the form of renewables, which consists of solar, hydroelectric and wind power to name a few.

Although these sometimes require a large initial investment, they are essential to the UK’s energy infrastructure for the future, making them vital to the UK.

Greater energy efficiency

There’s no escaping the use of technology in the modern age, but there are now ways to make our tech run more efficiently. One of the main places benefitting from energy efficiency is the home with heating systems now requiring less energy to keep houses warm. Efficient heating systems can also be combined with other energy-saving techniques such as putting roof installation to prevent heat from escaping your home as fast during the colder months.

This is great for household bills too, which homeowners will be pleased with given the cost of living crisis we currently find ourselves in.

Energy storage

Better energy systems mean any unused electricity can be stored instead of wasted as it was in the past. This results in fewer price fluctuations and lowers peak-time energy prices, which is great for homeowners and businesses.

Electric cars

With more than 40 million licensed vehicles in the UK, car pollution is a big issue that the UK Government is having to navigate. However, advancements in technology mean electric cars are now freely available to buy. These produce no carbon emissions when they run and offer a brilliant driving experience on the road. Advancements in technology will allow the government to install better and faster chargers around the country to improve experiences for EV drivers further too.

Technological advancements happen all the time and you can see just how they’re benefitting the sustainability levels in the UK already. This should only improve as time goes on, so continue trying to incorporate the latest tech in your life to ensure you’re doing your bit for the planet.

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