5G network usage will cause a surge in Internet of Things (IoT) applications in 2024

The year 2020 marked the mainstream adoption of 5G with the release of the Apple iPhone 12, yet, from an infrastructure standpoint, 4G continues to maintain prominence. Hitesh Morar, Chief Product Officer at Tecnotree, anticipates that the maturity of 5G networks will undergo a pivotal moment for the telecommunications industry in 2024. Providers are expected to shift their focus towards key use cases to capitalize on network monetization.

“While the escalating data consumption fuels the imperative for increased throughputs and reduced latencies at a lower cost per bit, the 5G ecosystem’s transition will concentrate on vital B2B industries such as mining, manufacturing, and healthcare,” Morar explains. “These sectors are poised to leverage the potential of IoT, fostering smarter operations and paving the way for enhanced connectivity and data-driven decision-making.”

Morar asserts that the growing number of initiatives related to 5G private networks, aimed at enhancing efficiency, incorporating new technologies, and staying competitive in a digitized world, is integral to these adjacent industries.

“As the technology matures further, various sectors are likely to explore and adopt 5G private networks to fulfill their specific connectivity and communication requirements,” he notes.

In tandem with the maturation of 5G networks, IoT opportunities are expected to flourish and redefine the telecommunications landscape throughout 2024.

“With 5G and edge computing, we anticipate a surge in IoT applications in 2024,” Morar states. “The potential of IoT to interconnect devices, from smart homes to industrial machinery, is generating vast opportunities. With AI assuming a central role in driving intelligence in many processes and decision-making, an unprecedented surge in this area is anticipated.”

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